Ink Color Gallery

Below are our standard ink colors. Please note that these are color representations only and are not intended to accurately display the actual printed color. If you want to see an actual printed sample, please call.

Colors other than our standard ink colors will require a color match charge of $50.00 per color. When using non-standard colors, please use a recognized industry specification system, or provide a color swatch for matching.

Standard Colors and their PMS Equivalents:

Primrose Yellow (102)
Lemon Yellow (108)
Medium Yellow (116)
Brilliant Orange (179)
Vivid Orange (1505)
Fire Red (186)
Scarlet Red (200)
Rubine Red
Rhodamine Red
Warm Red
Burgundy (202)
Process Blue
Peacock Blue (300)
Reflex Blue
Ultra Blue (2747)
Navy Blue (289)
Emerald Green (347)
Forest Green (342)
Lime Green (360)
Teal (321)
Purple (527)
Brown (476)
Pantone Solid Coated