Uploading Your Art File

Preferred software and/or file format:

  • Illustrator (CC) .ai
  • InDesign (CC) .indd
  • Photoshop (CC) .psd (.psd is raster artwork and is only acceptable for photographs and similar style artwork if ordering screen or flexo printed items. For digitally printed items, vector artwork is preferred. If raster artwork is the only art available, 600dpi is required for best results.)

Supported software and/or file format:

  • .tif (only if raster is acceptable)
  • .pdf (fonts must be converted)

If sending Quark or InDesign please submit all fonts and links. When sending vector files make sure all fonts are converted to outlines and curves. Please send a PDF or JPEG file of your artwork as well for visual reference.

File Upload Instructions

  • Click here to access our File Upload service website!
  • Once you're on the File Upload website, select the file(s) to upload by clicking "Choose File".
  • Make sure that you select the checkbox: "I wish to use e-mail notifications"
  • More options will appear for you to fill out. Enter the following information:
    • E-mail addresses of the recipients: orders@aqualitysigns.com
    • Notification message (optional): any other info you need to provide to us, enter it here.
    • Your e-mail address: include your email address
  • You must select the checkbox "Check if you have read the terms of use"
  • Select "Upload"